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Poised to Transform the Standard of Care in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease

At Intrance Medical Systems, Inc., we are focused on rapidly advancing a next-generation therapy for advanced Parkinson’s disease that has the potential to transform the standard of care and improve patient lives.

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FRAUDULENT RECRUITMENT DISCLAIMER: In today’s digital age, job seekers are increasingly vulnerable to fraudulent recruitment schemes. Scammers often exploit the eagerness of individuals searching for employment, making it crucial to stay informed and vigilant. Scams involve fraudulent communications via instant messaging accounts, phone interviews, fake offer letters, or requests for monetary payment. Any communication you receive from Intrance Medical will come from an email address (not from a free email account such as Yahoo, Gmail, or any other domain outside of “”). We do not ask for monetary payment or sensitive personal information during any recruitment process (such as your social security number, personal bank information, or credit card information). Please be cautious of individuals or companies that do.

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