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Our History

Founders Seek to Improve the Standard of Care in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease

Grounded in Strong Science and Proven Expertise

We have a successful global history supported by a strong scientific foundation and proven clinical and commercial expertise. Our founders, Ulf Rosén and Roger Bolsöy from sister company Lobsor Pharmaceuticals, held leading executive roles in NeoPharma, Solvay and AbbVie during the development and commercialization of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel, which has become a recognized therapy for advanced Parkinson´s disease (APD) worldwide. Based on this experience and close collaboration with leading neurologists and patient advocacy organizations to identify unmet medical needs, in 2013 they developed a patented pharmaceutical gel formulation of carbidopa, entacapone and levodopa for intestinal infusion with the goal to improve the standard of care for APD.


Their therapeutic discovery, called Lecigon®, was first approved and launched in Sweden in 2019 where it has shown significant market uptake and patient satisfaction. . In September 2020, STADA’s Britannia Pharmaceuticals acquired the commercial rights to Lecigon outside of North/South America, Taiwan and Japan. Today, this innovative product has achieved success globally and is now approved and commercially available in several European countries.


Intrance Medical Systems Inc., a U.S.-based company established in 2018, is focused on developing and bringing to market its novel treatment approach for late-stage Parkinson’s disease to additional markets where the company owns and controls all intellectual property and commercial rights. These markets include the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Japan and Taiwan.

Spanning the Globe to Address Unmet Medical Needs in Advanced Parkinson's Disease

FDA clearance of IND application

Intrance appoints new VP of Business Development and strengthens focus on strategic partnerships >> Read More

Intrance completes $17 million total Series A financing and appoints Ed Schutter to board 
>> Read More

Intrance Medical Systems raises USD $8 millon in Series A financing >> Read More

Additional regulatory approvals for Lecigon® secured for several remaining European member states (by STADA’s Britannia Pharmaceuticals)

Intrance Medical Systems appoints CEO and begins building its U.S. operations and management team >> Read More

Intrance Medical Systems completes IND submission for novel APD treatment to U.S. FDA

Lobsor Pharmaceuticals acquired by leading CNS specialty pharmaceutical company, STADA’s Britannia; commercial rights to Lecigon® for North/South America, Taiwan and Japan remain with Intrance Medical Systems, Inc.

Additional approvals obtained in continental Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia and Romania >> Read More

Market authorization of Lecigon® secured in select European countries by Lobsor Pharmaceuticals >> Read More

Regulatory approval/market authorization for Lecigon® secured in Sweden by Lobsor Pharmaceuticals

Founders create Intrance Holdings AB and establish U.S.-based Intrance Medical Systems, Inc.  

Initiate development of patented triple-drug combination APD treatment

Lobsor Pharmaceuticals established in Sweden

Founders create independent entity, Lobsor Holdings AB, in Sweden

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